1. Sleeve removal slid hammer with 2 new sleeve heads. One is steel

2. New  red custom car cover. Never been on car paid $550.00

3. 2 shop made engine stands

4. 9 -  5 gal fuel jugs

5. New rubber ground mats , covers car area

6. Funnels

7. 4 Battery starting pack and cables

8. Two RCD starters

9. Two sets of car stands

10. Clutch sander

11. Yellow,  fresh breathing air fill bottle

12. Two  CO-2 shifter fill bottles

13. Portable tach for starting car

14. Gram scale for clutch

15. Dial gauge and set up tools

16. Cam setting dial bore gauge

17. Crank hub installer

18. Ora intake and exhaust spring compressors for changing springs on the

19. Bearing checker dial bore gauge

20. Manley electric ring grinding machine

21. Two hand ring grinding  tools

22. Hat tray, place for tools while working on car, plug holes, wrench
holding spots, plug wrench holders , valve cover wrench holders and

23. 2 spark plug wrenches

24. 2 valve cover wrenches

25. Bottom end box, with main slid hammer, T handle rod bolt tool, de
Bering tool.

26. Clutch box, assorted tools, dial bore gauge, ect.

27. Bench spring compressor with hite mike

28. Valve and spring setting organizing board.

29. 2 head holding tools

30. Wizard warehouse valve spring compressor tester (on head)

31. MSD 44 Timing cap

32. Waterman Timing tools

33. Very heavy custom made intake sander

34. Black shop built tool box , sets on gas & oil tank, has push rod holders,
plug holders, wrench holders brake over bar holders ect.

35. ½” drive brake over bar
Morrison Racing
Charles & gary In The Field